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Business Unit Automotive Systems

Integrated and innovative chassis system solutions

thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems is a competent and global systems supplier to the automotive industry for assembly and logistics services, with experience from the construction of over 20 locations worldwide.

For our customers, we reduce the complexity of the supply chain and production, thus making it possible to deliver a wide range of variants for the end customer.

At a current total of eight locations worldwide, thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems offers services and assembly services in the areas of chassis and powertrain, including prototypes and series production parts, as well as the implementation of logistics concepts.

All processes, from supplier management to the just-in-sequence assembly and delivery of ready-to-install systems are controlled for the customer by thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems.

thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems

The project team experts from all specialist departments, including Quality, Logistics, Production and Procurement, ensure maximum delivery reliability and competitive cost structures. Our proven project management process typically starts 2 to 3 years before the SOP (start of production).

For each location, up to 1,200 individual components from approx. 150 suppliers in over 12 countries are controlled by thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems. In cooperation with forwarding agents, shipping companies, air freight partners and customs agents, thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems coordinates around 70,000 transport journeys annually across 4 continents for punctual deliveries to the respective destination locations.

We reduce complexity - With a global network, thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems controls the processes where they are needed: at the location of the customer. thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems therefore plans, builds and commissions plants tailor-made for the customer, either directly on the plant premises of the customer, or in the immediate vicinity. The customer can choose from different concepts, or select a combination: from integration into the development process so that early consideration is taken of factors such as ease of assembly, location concept and structure, installation of supplier and supply chain management, and just-in-sequence assembly and delivery.

Our locations and representations

Business Unit Automotive Systems
Mexico, Puebla
Service: Axle assembly


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems de México, S.A. de C.V.
Calle Ebano # 32 (Nave 32)
Parque Industrial Finsa
Cuautlancingo, Puebla
72710, México

Plant Manager: Jorge R Sanchez Fornaguera

Services: Axle assembly


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH
Werk 2 im BMW Werk, Halle 80.0 Tor P12
BMW Allee 1
04349 Leipzig

Plant manager: Alois Maderer


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH
Böttcherweg 5
04158 Leipzig

Plant manager: Peer Walzel

Services: Axle assembly


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systèmes France S.A.R.L.
Europôle de Sarreguemines
Rue Hubert Roth
BP 60008, 57913 Hambach Cedex

Plant manager: Kévin Guerra


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH
Münchener Straße 104A
45145 Essen

Management Board:
CEO / CFO: Steffen Schmidt

COO: Martin Schmidt

Test Center
thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH
Münchener Straße 100C
45145 Essen

Dr. Jan R. Kurzok

Services: Axle assembly


thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary Kft.
Íves Str. 6.
H-9027 Györ

Plant manager: Péter Horváth

Services: Axle assembly


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems of America LLC
8005 Volkswagen Drive Suite 101,
Chattanooga, TN, 37416

Plant manager: Tom Boyd

Mexico, San José Chiapa
Service: Axle assembly


thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems de México, S.A. de C.V.
Autopista Audi KM 12
Parque Industrial Audi
Nave JIS 1-D
San José Chiapa, Puebla
75010, México

Plant manager: Jorge R Sanchez Fornaguera

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Business Unit Automotive Systems

Executive management

thyssenkrupp Business Unit Automotive Systems CEO Thomas Müller

Steffen Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

thyssenkrupp Business Unit Automotive Systems COO Martin Schmidt

Martin Schmidt

Chief Operating Officer

Careers at thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems

Careers at thyssenkrupp Business Unit Automotive Systems

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