Global partner for forged high technology

thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies is a diversified supplier of components and system solutions for a wide range of different industries and markets. The Group produces crankshafts, connecting rods, Berco undercarriage components and Berco undercarriage systems.

For our customers, we provide state-of-the-art mechanical solutions for a wide range of customer applications in the resource, construction and mobility sectors. Thanks to our material, engineering and manufacturing competence, we are developing products and processes with the best price/performance ratio. As a global player with a wide-ranging production network, we fulfill individual customer requirements in all markets.

thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies

thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies arose from the Business Unit Forging & Machining and the Business Unit Undercarriages with its product brand Berco. Through the aggregation of the respective competences and the efficient exploitation of the global production network, new products are developed and new customer segments accessed, e.g. in the raw materials, energy and mobility sector.