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Legal notices

Visitors from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries can use the English version of our website.

Data privacy

thyssenkrupp AG is pleased that you are interested in our company and products. Protecting your privacy when you use our websites is particularly important to us. For this reason, in the following we would like to inform you regarding the collection of anonymous and personal data.

Anonymous data collection. In principle, you can use the thyssenkrupp AG websites anonymously, i.e. without indicating to us who you are. When you visit our website, by default our web servers in Germany save the IP address of the Internet service provider you use to access our website, the website from which you access our website and the files that you access on our site, as well as the date of your visit and general information about your browser. This information is evaluated in anonymized form for statistical purposes only.

Cookies. We use cookies only to make it easier for you to use our site. If you have given your express consent in advance, personal information can be saved in cookies on specific pages, so that you do not need to enter login information again, for example. In principle, you can also access all of the information on our websites even if you have cookies disabled in your Internet browser. Not accepting cookies, however, can limit the functionality of our website.

Collection and processing of personal data. We only save and process personal information if you provide it to us yourself, e.g. when you fill out a contact form or register for personalized services. On the respective sites you will be informed regarding the intended purpose of use and, if applicable, your consent for saving and processing the data will be requested. We only forward this information to service providers associated with us, e.g. so they can send you written information that you requested. Of course, all of the service providers are obligated to data secrecy and confidentiality. If you visit our career pages and use the services offered there or submit an online application, your information may be forwarded to other companies in the thyssenkrupp Group. The information will not be forwarded to any other third parties. Before your data is transmitted and processed, it is encrypted to protect it from unauthorized access.

The rights of those concerned. Of course, by request we shall inform you if we have saved your personal information and which information we have saved. Your rights as expressly named in the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) with regard to correction, blocking and deletion are assured. In our application portal or on other specific pages, e.g. for the Newsletter/Reminder, you can also review your information yourself and modify or delete it. At any time you can revoke the consent you gave on a respective page for saving your personal information by sending us a short message.

Other notices. As a global corporation, thyssenkrupp AG operates a number of websites internationally. All of the information that you send from any country to our websites can be transmitted electronically to a server in another country for one of these sites. There this information can be used, saved or processed outside of the country in which it was recorded. Your personal information is saved and processed in agreement with the legal data privacy provisions in the country in which the website is operated.

Questions and suggestions regarding data privacy. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the subject of data privacy, please contact our company representative for data privacy at thyssenkrupp AG, 45143 Essen, Germany, or send an email to:


Copyright 2015 thyssenkrupp AG. All rights reserved. The content, including images, and the design of the thyssenkrupp AG website are subject to the protection of copyright law and other laws associated with protecting intellectual property. Distributing or modifying the content of these pages, including “framing” and similar measures, is not allowed. In addition, copying, distributing or modifying this content or allowing third parties access to it for commercial purposes is not permitted.


The information that thyssenkrupp AG provides you with on this website was composed with great care and is continually kept up to date. However, despite the most careful checking, errors cannot be completely ruled out. For this reason, thyssenkrupp AG does not accept any liability nor does it make any guarantees regarding the exactness, completeness and current status of the information presented on this website. In particular, this applies also to websites to which this site links. These are external websites and we have no influence with regard to their content. Therefore, thyssenkrupp AG expressly excludes liability for the content of these types of sites. In addition, thyssenkrupp AG is not responsible for the data privacy measures taken by the operators of these types of websites.

thyssenkrupp AG reserves the right to change or add to the information or data provided at any time without notice. Inasmuch as our website contains statements regarding future developments, these are based on the beliefs and assessments of thyssenkrupp management and, as a result, are subject to risks and uncertainty. thyssenkrupp AG is not obligated to update such statements regarding the future. Liability for such statements is expressly excluded.


As long as nothing else is specified, all of the brand names used on the thyssenkrupp AG websites are protected by trademark law. Above all, this applies to company logos and symbols.

License rights

thyssenkrupp AG wants you to get to know the company through an innovative and informative website. We hope that we meet your expectations. To be on the safe side, however, we want to let you know that the intellectual property the site contains, including patents, brands and copyrights, is legally protected. This website does not grant any license to use the intellectual property of the thyssenkrupp Group. Copying, distributing, reproduction and transfer, and other use is not permitted without the written consent of thyssenkrupp AG.

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