Large-diameter bearings are machine elements that absorb all of the axial and radial forces and the resulting tilting moments in a single, self-retaining bearing unit that is ready to install upon delivery.

thyssenkrupp develops, designs and manufactures large-diameter bearings precisely according to customer requirements. This means that we come up with unique solutions with regard to structure, material qualities and performance. Compact designs and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, an open center and integrated gearing make our large-diameter bearings ideal components for bearing applications.

From raw material to finished product, we produce all of the main components of the large-diameter bearings in-house.

We produce undivided bearings with diameters of up to 9.6 meters; bearings with diameters up to 22 meters can be made in a segmented form.

Bearings without gearing

Bearings with gearing

Segmented bearings